The company RIZZOLO is located in Cocentaina (Alicante), an industrial zone with an extensive tradition in the manufacture and sale of all kinds of textile products for home and fashion.

It has its origins in a clothing workshop created by Mrs. Adolfina Azor Motos dedicated to manufacturing knitwear for large companies. In 1988 the company created its own brand (SCORZZO) and in 1996 changed from being a natural person to becoming a S.L. With the name of RIZZOLO. In 2018 SCORZZO will celebrate 30 years in the market. During these more than three decades, the brand has worked to offer its customers the latest innovations in knitwear, innovating in their designs and introducing the most innovative techniques in the manufacture of them, such as the use in their spinning garments in Whose processing process has been used renewable energies. In the bet of RIZZOLO S.L. To improve the quality and offer of its products and the relationship with its clients, the company operates n its new facilities, more spacious and better communicated, located in the street Benifleta of Cocentaina.